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Friday, May 8, 2009

Reasessing my Reality


So. I'm back at that point I always get to about the internet - that I'd far rather have a personal experience of meeting the next part of my creations yarns, than sell a 'product' over the world wide web to a person that I certainly can meet in many ways, but not in the ways that I prefer. I keep being reminded that the very best part of making the things I make that suprise me almost more than the average punter, is seeing where they end up, and who is attracted to the individual creation enough to part with money or energy to take it home, and begin to imprint themselves on the continuation of the 'yarn'.

I need to say again that the best bit about Tribal Fibres was that everyone who was there who had bought something from me in the past, brought their creation with them. At one point in the hall, there was a large amount of my 'yarns' from past and present sitting in the space. All those things coming together again with me - and what they'd become since leaving.

It's a trip.

And the best part about selling things to my immediate community is being able to see my yarns after they've gone as part of my everyday life. See how they're wearing, how the colour stays vibrant.... And I check on my creations, and the people who have bought them think I've forgotten them, but I've never forgotten anyone that I've sent a yarn away with. And I get to hear the stories about what's happened since the new yarn started. I loved hearing from that very suave woman that her and her family called her yarn 'the creature'. I love that people seem to really feel and honour the life in the creation.

And it seems that since trying to flog my wares on the internet, the thing I've managed to do best is to sell the stuff I listed on Etsy in person at the markets and festivals I've turned up at. I seem to have reached the critical mass point of having been heard about in Adelaide and it's surrounds, to be sending out lots of yarns everytime I go out.

Nothing quite like doing it in person....

Following (or preceeding - I'm never quite sure in this blog...) are some photo's of people who had really interesting yarns about coming together with one of my creations....that remind me to keep remembering that the personal yarns are very much one of the big reasons why I do what I do.