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I've tried on so many uniforms and badges that now I'm just me - mother of 8 children and all that entails, flowmad, and human animal parent. Writer of this living book of a blog, philosopher, and creatrix of hand dyed and spun crocheted wearable art. I gave up polite conversation years ago, and now I dive into the big one's.....birth, sex, great wellness, life, passion, death and rebirth.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Back to Woolly things...

Allright....I've been a bit offline from this blog...but I've got an excuse. Or should I say two excuses....I've found out I'm pregnant with my 6th and 7th children - that's right, I'm having twins. What a trip eh? Got a lot to say about all of this of course, but as I've written a lot about birthing lately, so it's time to get back to the creatrix theme. So. I made a decision a while ago to start taking photo's of the things I make for me and the family and for around the home - things that get neglected in the photo stakes, as they're JUST for us. Kinda silly eh. Cause some of the things for us are the most beautiful, practical and lushsome. Haven't really made inroads into the whole photographic project yet, but I did get Currawong to take some photo's of my favourite jumper before it starts to look less than sprightly. Incidentally, this jumper is the one and only thing that I've written a pattern for!! And I'm also committing myself to the project of getting my book out there...somewhere in the nebulous there....and put some more easy to follow patterns in there as well. But what's happening that's most pressing at the moment, is Tribal Fibres again, on the 13th and 14th of March. I've made a gigantic spiderweb that I'm gonna hang stuff from, made a womble bear out of a fleece that I spun and then stuffed him with, and am still in the process of making a wool womb that's big enough for folk to sit in. The plan is to finish it off by completely stuffing the skeleton with raw fleece, and then sit people in it, and play them long strokes of the cello, while I walk them through what they're sitting in, from the galvanised wire, to the duct tape, to some of my first handspun single yarn that I was saving for a warp, to the raw alpacca fleece, to the fleece of my breeder friend complete with it's memories of being on a sheeps back.....you probably get the jist....And before Tribal Fibres I've got the launch of Astrids cd to perform at - not that it's a huge performance mind you....I've just got to pluck and play the c string on my cello....but nervewracking nonetheless!! I've only been teaching myself the cello for about 8 months or so now. It's pretty cool, I can play the Butthole Surfers and Kiss and all sorts of other stuff:) So. Back to Astrids cd launch, it's going to be at Jerome's Cheese Factory in Meadows, and I'm also gonna bring along my spider web and take it for a test drive. Looking forward to it all, but mostly looking forward to being part of an incredibly talented local artists creative expression. Means so much more to me that hundreds of millions of dollars movies, or musicians that have squillions and I'm never likely to meet!! Go the local and community everything I say!! Save your entertainment dollars for talented people in your local community, who you can not only meet and talk to, but also form community with!!