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Thursday, November 26, 2009

How to work towards an empowered caesarean Part 1

Around this time last year I was getting well and truly ready to birth. My baby was definitely breech, and my magical midwife thought there might even be two in there, so she'd called in another magical midwife as back up and support. I didn't have any ultrasounds, I was 38 and I'd had 4 other children. 2 in hospital and 2 at home. Such a narrow description of incredibly transformative events, but there you have it. I had faith in my body and my ability to birth, and I had faith in the little person/s inside me, that they'd create the situation they needed to birth into, and all would be well. I'd created a term 'ECO' birthing, which stood for Easy, Comfortable and Orgasmic, and I was busy making nappies from groovy material, pads, and nipple pads. The birthing room was organised, and we weren't far off putting up the pool. Interestingly enough, I'd met three women just before the birth who had all had caesareans, and internally I was smug in my belief that they must have been enculturated to the point that they didn't believe in their bodies enough to birth naturally. I also 'knew' that I was going to have a girl, even though in the beginning I 'knew' it was a boy. My midwife brought me a breech book, and I decided not to read it, as I didn't want to sway my experience, or feed possible problems into my already fertile imagination. I was sure that my baby/ies would turn if they could, even at the last minute. I guess you could say I took the blind faith approach.

My midwife asked me to fill out the details in my orange pregnancy record, and I took great delight in filling out the Birth Plan bit, cause I was sure I wasn't going to end up in hospital, so I took it as an opportunity to write what I REALLY wanted to tell them, rather than think about politics or diplomacy. This is what I wrote. I'll write the documents questions in itallics, and my replies in normal script.


Describe the kind of labour and birth you wish to experience (e.g. position, cutting the cord, pain relief).

In water, no internals, no intervention whatsoever unless ABSOLUTELY essential, no drugs whatsoever, no vaccinations after birth, and no cord cutting as we do lotus birthing, no separation from mother at all, no grabbing baby and giving it to me – I can do that myself. Thank-you.....

Cultural or religious needs
Human Animal liberationist, pagan and anarchist, that believes birth is totally natural and best left alone by western medicine.

How you would like to feed your baby
Breast feeding of course!!

Previous pregnancy experiences
4 previous births, all totally stylish, vaginal deliveries. 1st in hospital, with ruptured waters, gas and a shot of pethidine, 2nd hospital in water, unassisted till after born, last 2 homebirths, no drugs, no pain, no tearing, no tears.....also 2 terminations in and amongst it all.

Any other information
Totally healthy woman who births naturally and easily with huge trust and love for her body. No health issues or sensitivities, strong as an ox with huge stamina. Gives birth like the cliché woman in the field, and no problems with breastfeeding and after care. Totally confident and aware of issues and rights.

In the Personal History bit I gave my occupation as a mother, lover, spinster, creatrix, and Currawong's occupation was father, lover, drummer. Then came the...

Social History

Smoking No
Alcohol 1 or 2 stouts, maybe some organic Rose occasionally
Recreational drug use No
Major stressors, life changes or losses No
Relationship issues No – love is wonderful
Family and social supports incredibly close and loving community
Children are healthy and well adjusted
Accomodation issues we live in paradise
Financial issues we always have more than enough
Other thought creates reality

Medical History

Deep venous thrombosis No
Diabetes No
Epilepsy No
Gynaecological problems No
Heart disease No
High blood pressure No
Pre pregnancy blood pressure No
Kidney disease No
Thyroid disorders No
Other nothing – strong and healthy

Mental health History

Anxiety/depression No
Postnatal depression No
Other psychiatric disorders No
Family history of mental health problems No
Emotional issues No – I've worked long and happily on owning my life....

Family history and prenatal diagnostic issues

Diabetes mother and sister have it, mother controls with diet, sister insulin
Heart disease No
High blood pressure No
Genetic disorders/congenital abnormalities No
Other nothing except extreme intelligence

And then in the back bit, in the Pregnancy Issues and management plans, in every section where it said Pregnancy issues I wrote “Totally natural, easy process with no hitches”

You may well say what I wrote was full on, and maybe even a big middle finger up to western medicine. I just thought I was writing my truth, not being intimidated by forms, and saying it how it was.