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Saturday, January 17, 2015

It's Such A Perfect Day

This is the year I'm going to try and get the hang of the short blog post.

It's also the year that I'm diving into the whole concept of the gifting economy, and taking the energy that I'm sick to death of using in trying to work how I can 'get' things, and instead focusing on what I can give, trusting in the self organised flow of life to work out the getting, without me having to worry about it.  

And just today we had about the most perfect kind of a day that I could imagine.

It's going through a hot phase up here in the sub-tropics, and through our lives of little to do with money in a search for authenticity, we've perfected the arts of money free ways of keeping cool.  After spending another rather hot day yesterday mowing lawns and moving round furniture for a dear heart family member, we decided today was the day to spend laying around in the shade, near another heart family members spring fed dam, with a little island in the middle sprouting palm trees. 

The day before yesterday, an old dead Tea Tree that the kids loved to climb on fell down, so Currawong cut it up into firewood sized pieces, and we noticed that the lush hard wood had plenty of likely looking twigs and branches, and decided to try our hands at making crochet hooks and knitting needles.   So day before last we spent crafting hooks and needles and clothes and hair pins out of Tea Tree in the shade, spread out on rugs and cushions, with all our tools and my special tins with beads and crystals and shells, blissing out creating.  Mr B not only made himself a hook, but crocheted a neat necklace as well.  Spiral made a wand, and so did I, Currawong a huge crochet hook and 6 large buttons, and I also made a hook and set of slender knitting needles.  

Yesterday was the kind of soul food, that only giving to a beautiful human with a huge heart can feed, and then today was spent in the early cool continuing crochet hooks, and sanding on our rug and cushion nest, having a splendid visit from a new and deep friend, and then travelling up and over and around our magical mountain, to visit our family's best mate.  He showed us more of the crochet hooks HE'D been making, along with some Huon Pine rings and bracelets he'd crafted, which was the inspiration for us to try our hands at them in the first place, and we had some tucker, swapped some stories, and headed for the dam.

Swimming in a spring fed dam, in the dappled shade, and floating on yer back, looking up at the sky displaying cotton puff clouds, with ears underwater, hearing your own heartbeat, and the organic noises of a busy dam.............would have to be one of the nicest things ever to do on a hot and humid day.   Me and Lilly swam round and round floating gently on the top, while I told her about how much I loved having my ears underwater, listening to my own heartbeat.  And how I first discovered that love, when I was birthing her in my first ever birthing pool.  With my eyes closed, and my ears underwater echoing my heartbeat, I could totally traverse the strong and intense uterine worlds of birthing.  Everything and everyone else disappeared while I was under, and it was just me and my heart.  

The hottest part of the day was spent sitting on a crochet rag rug, with my homemade swag for whichever baby wanted to sleep in the shade, dipping in the dam, floating watching clouds, or carving and sanding the little wood things we were making.  We brought an esky with yumsome food and a few cold homebrews to picnic with, while we chatted about all the things that go on in our days, and our plans for adventures and creations.

We've got this beat up old volvo, that couldn't be registered anymore, so we use it to drive on the private roads between our places, and Currawong and Lilly pulled out a spray can one day and decorated it.  There's a skull and crossbones on the bonnet, and love hearts, and unique Lilly designs, and they dubbed it the 'Ovlov Of Love'.  And driving back home in the ovlov, sun setting behind the trees, and Griff brushing up on his driving skills with Currawong by his side, I remembered something I saw on facebook a while ago.  Something about how a person who has the freedom to choose what they do with their days, is a rich person indeed. 

And I really got how free we are, and encourage our children to be, and how it truly is a rich state of being, that I treasure above just about everything else.

Blessings to the Freedom Seekers.