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Monday, March 9, 2009

Tribal Fibres

So I didn't take many photos - 3 in fact were all I managed, because there were so many gorgeous people to talk to, women to help dress, and things I wanted to do all while holding Balthazar, who by the time the event finally came, was well and truly over the whole thing. He'd been there since about 11.30 in the morning helping me pfaff the hall though, so he's excused. I was thrilled to see Red Catherine, and Sandy Soul, and my fairy godmother Catherine Christie, as well as so many other folk I didn't expect and was glad to set eyes on. As well, the beautiful Sienna was taking photo's, as well as other folk, and some videos were being taken, so I figured Sienna's photos would be heaps better than mine so I let my trigger finger rest!

You wanna know the very best thing about Tribal Fibres?? When the people who've bought my wares in the past heard I was doing it, and it would be an exhibition kind of thing, every single one of them who came along brought thier wearable art with them, sure that if I was displaying my art I'd want thier particular artwork as well!! I got to see all my old friends again, brought in bags and baskets to revisit the creatrix..... I'm so glad that the folk who have bought my 'yarns' love them so much that they take them visiting!! And expect that they belong in my exhibitions.... Just wish I'd had more room! Ha! I could fill a couple of halls with the creations that have gone to other homes...

What can I say to truly describe what a wonder and joy it was, to finally see such a long held dream come true - to see my creations moving and swaying and being danced in! By such gorgeous women no less... With all the luscious tribal accoutrements to add to the overall visual splendour. I was buzzing the whole night...

And there was a sweet little ole lady who nearly everybody I've talked to had a story about. She sure got around. She was introduced to me as Alison's mother, and she was a hoot! Had a lot to say about a lot of things.

Grasshopper was spectacular as usual, and the guests just rounded out their general brilliance beautifully. I especially loved those flutes. The Faerie Queen and Lizard Queen were generally splendid, and it was wonderful to see them strut their stuff and their beautiful creations again. It struck me in the wee sleepy hours that the core of the event was the Maccy Market crew, and we are so bonded and committed and used to each other and working together, that the whole thing just slid along in the flow without a hitch. And we all did well!! Everyone had a great result in their particular passion....

I wonder if we could and would and should do it again...with a few different items and dancers and flavours added in.....

Stay tuned for more photo's when Sienna's come online.....


  1. Sounds so wonderful! Can't wait for the photos! Is the Maccy Market still going?

  2. Erm, yes and no.....still limping along like a dead horse after a flogging, but not happening like you saw it. We're thinking of doing it again as a travelling market though.....

  3. Everyone has been asking me when we are doing the next one! I was at the Hahndorf twilight market last night and so many people who were there want to see the next instalment... and the people who missed it want to know when the next one will be!!!

  4. Sounds like it was an excellent night, Well Done ! And how nice to see your older Art Wearables come out visiting for the night ! Shame about 'your' wonderful market, but markets Ebb and Flow, I know St Andrew's Market always had it's Ebbs and Flows. Good to see you 'briefly' in the DUSTy Chat thread !...lol, Megg


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