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I've tried on so many uniforms and badges that now I'm just me - mother of 8 children and all that entails, flowmad, and human animal parent. Writer of this living book of a blog, philosopher, and creatrix of hand dyed and spun crocheted wearable art. I gave up polite conversation years ago, and now I dive into the big one's.....birth, sex, great wellness, life, passion, death and rebirth.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Well the unimaginable has happened.  On friday we had two working vans, one our home on the road for 7 years and one as a parts vehicle with a nearly new engine (very grown up)......and today we have none.  

It was rather an iconic van. Transporting us all as we grew and travelled in our flowmadic way

It was our home every sunday as we were part of a Growers Market in Macclesfield SA.   It once performed in a military vehicles display at the Strawberry Fete, as the 'swords to ploughshares' exhibit.

It took us to the most amazing places......camping an incredibly large amount of people comfortably

Here it is in its crocheted splendour.  A haven to the fibre and colour addicted

With artworks by friends....

Camping outside Alice Springs

Thoroughly, completely, crochetedly unique.....

We thought we had it sussed, and had complete vehicular security.  Our beautiful roadhome of many years was running smoothly, and we had a parts vehicle to slowly replace her fading parts with.....

Till we went shopping on friday, and on the way home it made a funny noise.

Our roadhome gently died by the side of the road.  We dropped a timing belt. 

We got the kids home with a friends help, and got it towed and considered ourselves lucky as we had the spare.  Currawong reckons our whole van looked sad as she sat on the tow truck.   So he spent three solid days making the other one roadworthy, only to take her out on her maiden voyage and she died an oily death. Possibly dropping a rear main seal.  We got home quick, a bit dumbstruck, and put it on the shelf to feed and bed babies, and decided to leave it till morning.  And I wake up this morning in excited shock.  Ya know that kind of rush you get when present at the great mysteries of life?  With every death a new beginning.....

Can't quite believe that our van is dead.  And the back up van too.  

Now is the time to put into action all those "If anything really drastic happened we could..." ideas.  We need some help.  Caught totally on the hop we have us nine people without any transport.  Without  much savings.  And in need of a miracle.

We've decided we need to get a coaster sized van in order to be able to go out together with our rapidly growing family.  We've actually been talking about it for a while, but felt too much loyalty to our beloved van to take any further steps.  Till the ball's been taken out of our court so to speak.  

We need a new canvas for our dreams.  Getting a vehicle that can carry the nine of us, and the ten of us when Jess visits, is no ordinary feat.  And we could really use some help.


I'm starting the (snow)ball rolling and selling my book 'Balthazar & Nimue - A Love Story' as an ebook on my blog. A 12 year old book that really wants to be born.  

I'm going to start listing wearable art pieces on my blog as well.  

And we're strongly considering selling both vans to someone mechanical who could make the one awesome van out of them both.

Rather than do a fundraiser, I'd like you to get something for your money, but if you felt compelled to donate us some money to speed our way to a new vehicle and home on the road, there's a donate button on my blog too, halfway down the side bar.  

Please help to share with anyone you think would like to help us.


  1. I follow your blog-(it's inspiring and thought provoking)and just had to add that we are going through the same thing-just blew a timing belt on our van, took a week for mechanically savvy man to fix it (hooboy was it a cheap but Super insane fix) soon as it was done the brand new serpentine belt shredded....so another repair and dwindling resources. (we are pregnant with #6 and trying to rebuild our finances) I'm telling myself there is a reason for the crazy timing of the breakdown and in a strange way your post confirmed it...time to slow down and see where we're going in life, I think. :D I'm in the US-Tennessee-but if we were on your side of the world we would certainly help you get it fixed. Much love and will keep you and yours in our good thoughts!

    1. Thank you so much for such an awesome response! And I reckon that what you learnt from it - to slow down and see where you're going - was about completely correct!! That's pretty much what we did, even though I instantly launched into a million internet things to try and raise funds. But it's certainly helped us re-evaluate what we need, and where we're going, and what's the most important. Thanks again, and bright blessings to you and yours. And number 6!! That's incredible! Hats off to you instantly :) Gonna have any more? The first question that folks ask of big family mamma's :))

  2. Sorry, I can't help but notice the "rapidly growing family" line... is that an announcement?!

    All the best with the van. That's a hard row. I hope it comes together quickly for you.

    1. No, no, no, no, no, no, no!!!! Just meant that they're rapidly growing as in getting bigger and bigger quickly :) And they're gonna be HUGE as grown ups. Gonna tower over me and Currawong.

      I was talking with some mums the other day, and they were asking me if I was having any more, and someone asked me if I was treating Zarra like the last baby or not. We talked a bit more, and it became apparent, and it kinda rang true in my experience, that with the last baby you let them be a baby a bit longer, kinda drag your heels cause you know this is the last time you're going to do it.

      And that's definitely what I'm doing with Zarrathustra, so NO MORE BABIES!! Gotta bring them all up and get onto the next stage now :)

  3. $495.46! Bloody fantastic. Man, depending on the value of your desired set o wheels, this is a really great start!!! Let's keep it coming people... this is a big family, a lot to carry around...

    1. You're a star Baxter :) And thanks for giving the heave ho on this one...

  4. Uhm...I think I found you all again... just landed in the broken down van...was rather attached to it myself even though I haven't laid eyes on this green mover for a while. Sad to hear. Coaster required? For sure! Will you accept my donation? Or do we need to pick more bones first :)
    Crying while I view faces. Zarra...so gorgeous. Merlin...very Fries Ja Ja! Max looks like Griffyn, Balth a flower power boy, and the girls, ahhh, Lilith and Ms Moon, my heart jumps with joy and sweet memories. And Griff... doting on his siblings...so grown up now. And your hair has fallen off...
    Why are my ears ringing? Usually happens when far away souls are reconnecting and communicating...
    Wounded heart needs healing.
    Reaching out to where ever from yonder on the banks of the Yarra.
    Where Are You All?

    1. Ah Margo :) Back on the Yarra? We're up in Northern NSW. Contemplating where our life is moving.... Back in Australia for long?


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