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Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Roman Empire Never Died......

Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears, for all roads really do lead to Rome, unless like me, you’ve neglected to realize that we’re ROMANS living in a very Roman society.  One of the greatest heists that has ever been, and it’s gone on right under our noses, and stolen all of our cultures and ancestries and religions and possible blossomings of diverse societies…….while we’ve been trained and educated about how the Roman Empire was the greatest that ever was, but only lasted 500 years, and then the Roman Catholic church was only incidentally the most powerful and old state religion on the planet that ruled and created western civilization.  And also incidentally, championed by the Roman dude in the bible, Paul, who never even met Jesus.

The Roman Catholic Empire church, that is only just now being revealed for what it really is despite the robes and censors and pretty latin words.  With attitudes spawned millennia ago by the likes of Calligula and Nero, an evil aristocracy has been hiding behind the monstrous machine of Western Civilization – just like the wizard of Oz, but nowhere near as nice.  Being first the conquerors of the known world, bringing ancient civilizations to their knees and robbing them of their treasures, and then sheathing their swords in the gloves of priests, and spreading their state religion like a cancer to the world, propogandising their victories and culture eating, as civilization and education.  Encouraging us all in our western nations to continue their legacy, bringing Roman civilization, genocide and destruction to every paradise we find……just like they destroyed ours long ago. 

At this point in time, every single Catholic diocese in Australia is under multiple investigations for paedophillia.  I assume that this is the same the world over.  Cancerous at the core, the most recent news I heard was that the man high up in the evil empire who was put in charge of investigating claims worldwide……..was done himself for paedophillia, after being sprung with over 4,000 pictures of boys being abused and tortured on his computer.   The recently retired Pope, was so complicit in his role as Evil Emperor Over Them All, that he has been promised permanent sanctuary in one of the oldest countries in the world – The Vatican.  Or as I like to think of it, Smaugs monstrous dragons hoard, where the cruel and hulking dragon of the Roman Catholic Empire has been dragging back it’s stolen treasures for nearly 2 and a half thousand years. 

Are you confused?  Just think for a minute.  Right now, we’re smack bang in the middle of western civilization, based on Greco/Roman principles of democracy and governance.  All of our sciences including astronomy, botany, medicine, maths, and geography, have Latin names and concepts, and were shaped by a murderously reigning Roman Catholic Empire in their infancy.  Our names for our days and months are Roman.   Our education system is still graffitied with latin, especially in the upper eschelons, yet it’s only one of thousands upon thousands of possible languages that could reflect the legacy of our white European lineages.   Our legal system still quotes Latin at itself, not to mention our western history only represents the story of the victorious – in this case the Roman Catholic Empire.  We have Greek and Roman mythology in our libraries, and latin is the root of many of our words without us even being aware of it.  For example.  The word vagina, was the latin word for the sheath in which a Roman soldier cloaked his sword.  I think I’m never going to use that word again.  Our calendar is Roman, we call the constellations Roman names, not to mention all of our Christian religions…….are all based around the King James version of the bible, which was the version agreed upon by the Roman Catholic Church.  Walk down the street and see the roman numerals on a clock.  Or see the date written in roman at the end of a movie or program. A tiny nation.  In the middle of Europe.   Is at the basis of our entire western civilization that has spread like a virus around the planet. And our history and our sciences and our theories have all sprung from the Roman fountain, as a history written by the conqueror.

A victorious conqueror that straddles the planet to this day, with its ancient tradition of genocide, destruction of family bonds and community, money and gold as god, growth at all costs, dividing and conquering, and keeping large amounts of people subjugated, obedient, and easy to manipulate.  First learning its tools of destruction and colonisation through military might, and then employing those tactics through its invasion of the world, using religion, wheat, sugar, tea, alcohol, education, disease, rape and desecration of communities, and destruction of family units.

Some say it was lead poisoning, and some just mention that absolute power corrupts absolutely, but the Roman Empire went from the first democracy, to turning their Emperors into gods, and then creating their own version of Christianity…….colonising our minds in order to maintain even more power and control.  And during the degeneration into ‘godhood’, they very quickly took on a depraved and lusting nature.  Spoiled with the goods and treasures from a thousand indigenous traditions, the very rich quickly set sail in pursuit of how evil human nature could become.  Filling their ampitheatres with people and exotic animals, they couldn’t work out if they were more turned on by sexual or physical violence.  Brutal and deadly gladiator battles or vast circles of men and animals buggering each other, it was all the same really wasn’t it?  Calligula and Nero were the height of brutal human evil, and their spawn still live today as the Roman Catholic priests, that have created a gloabal paedophiles ring, with too many boys as their victims. 

When the rest of the world started getting wise to the debased Roman Empire, it increased its power in a number of exponential ways, when the decision was made to combine religion with government.  In 325AD when Constantine created the Roman Catholic Church, and made the Emperor of Rome the head of it, a transition was begun from turning the flagging military might, to spiritual and political power and control.  And using religion as a tool to keep their addiction to the acquisition of land and power and treasures sated.  Along with the destruction of the strong family bond, through the instructions of desexed priests, forced and choosing to repress their sexuality into the abuse of young boys, fragile women, and the mentally differently abled, souring and spoiling family relationships for generations to come.

And here’s where my personal ancestry and the Roman Empire collide.  In 0BC the Romans did a survey of the tribes in Europe, and the Friesians are the only people living in the same place, and speaking the same language.  My ancestors have seen the Romans appear through numerous guises and armies, for thousands of years now, in an age old struggle to conquer lands to appease the gods of domestication and civilization, and then to keep the conquered people subjugated, and easily managed.  The Romans had limited success with my Viking ancestors in a militaristic way, but had far better results colonizing our lands with religion.  Even though one of Frieslands favourite kings, Radbod ( who Merlin is named for ), was known for his rather enthusiastic protection of his pagan land in the form of killing priests, and later on it fell to one of the last Friesian freedom fighters Balthazar (and you guessed it, I’ve got a son named after him too) to fight for that indomitably free Viking spirit………the Roman Catholics got us in the end, not with might, or religion, but with the almighty power of the dollar.

And at this point I think we should separate the Roman Catholic church from Christianity.  Because according to my research and that of Dan Brown and many other academics and brotherhoods around the world (and also the book written by his great a many times grand daughter), the original dude that Christianity sprung from, Jesus, had a very different life to that recounted in the bible.  In terms of marrying Mary Magdelene, and wanting her to be the continuance of his religion, and fathering two daughters who ended up in France.  And being a lot more in tune with all the other indigenous and earth traditions around the world.  The real early Christians traveled all over the world after being chased from their homelands by the Romans, finding empathy, connection, and common-unity with the other cultures they encountered, whereas the Roman Catholic Christians wielded their religion as a tool of suffocation, land acquisition, genocide and torture.  And they persecuted those early Christians both in their  early ampitheatres, and later on during the Great Inquisition, which was conducted for 400 years, (strangely coinciding with the Dark Ages), killing over 9 million pagans, herbalists, midwives, gypsys, nomads, early christians…..read anyone who wasn’t a staunch Roman Catholic, or clever enough to hide their real empathies.  Realisations and innovations had to be cleverly introduced to a heavily christianised world, in order to not be branded heresy.  They had a stranglehold on power, land, control, and information……at least until the introduction of the printing press anyway.  Which heralded in the age of enlightenment, which was actually the decreasing in focus of the Roman Catholic church, to be splintered into a thousand little mini viruses of differently named religions, that increased the power of their original host regardless.

Despite the splintering, the wealth, secrets, treasures and remnants of countless civilizations have remained to this day, housed deep beneath the Vatican, in vast catacombs and caverns.  The early spoils won by conquering Emperors rub shoulders with modern booties from world wars, civil wars, and all sorts of global intrigues that the Roman Empire has involved itself in, using a supposedly neutral and spiritual role, whilst snaffling all the treasures they can lay their hands on, to bury beneath the Vatican on the way.  Corporations, Governments, Bankers, World Trade Organisers, Slavers, Colonialists…..all of these have to recognize the Roman Catholic Empire as the Great Great Great Great Grandaddy of them all.  Set up on the principles of divide and conquer, beautifully executed by hierarchies.  Which by their very nature disempower and disconnect people from each other and themselves.  The antithesis of what Ghengis Khan told his sons on his deathbed, when trying to work out how to divide his massive empire between his many sons.  Handing round a bunch of sticks he invited them to break them.  They couldn’t.  Pulling out one stick, he asked them to break it, which they did easily.  He concluded for them, that together they were strong, but apart they were broken easily.

We’ve been, and let ourselves become, so separated and categorized, so  consumed with judgement on ourselves and each other, so splintered into our factions with tiny differences, that we’ve forgotten there’s a whole other world of peoples and cultures and societal models that have been explored in our collective history than the Roman ones.  And multitudinous ways of governing and self governing within communities to explore.  We’ve been conquered and domesticated and turned into the perfect slaves who don’t even know that we’re slaves.  We’re living and propogating the culture and history of the murderers of our ancestors.  We’ve been trying to fit our diverse and magnificent ways of being in the world into a very narrow Roman paradigm.  We believe that we have to be ‘made’ to do the right thing, and forced to learn.  We’ve bought our educations, that teach us that there is an empirical way to view the universe, and you have to go to school and learn at your appropriate age and level, in order to obtain the keys to the magical levels.  We’re the victims of a very whitecentric, Roman, hierarchical, victors perspective on the world and its victims.

Meanwhile, on the rest of the planet, while Rome has been perfecting the art of colonizing our landscapes and our minds……..India has always been, and will continue to always be, the heart and soul of our collective spirituality on the planet.  Even Rome couldn’t conquer India.  The English, who thought they’d colonized India, found that in the end, India had far more impact on them, than they had on India.  A rich and womblike melting pot for religion and spirituality from the beginning, India has taught us time and time again, how every spirituality can find its commonality and connection with every other……..if it has the courage.  During the ‘Dark Ages’ in Europe, India had a rough young king that decided that if he picked one religion it would result in war, so instead he created a university, and invited religious representatives from all over the world to come and find what they had in common.  And they’re still doing it to this day.  The Middle East was in the height of the blossoming of it’s civilization during the dark ages also, developing maths and astronomy, and numerous other philosophies and civilized pursuits.  The Mongolians scared the crap out of Europe, and used their wild natures and horses, to create the greatest nomadic empire that ever was.  All through the South Pacific, Polynesians were forming all sorts of civilizations and self sustaining societies, having performed incredible feats of sailing that have only recently been proven.  In Australia, there were over 600 sovereign indigenous nations and languages spoken, there was sea trade, and permanent settlements where climate allowed, advanced cultural and societal bonds, a rich spirituality that is current to this day, an intricate structure of trade and marriage and ceremony, and alternative forms of land management all over the country.  They also built the oldest known manmade structures, the fish traps of Brewarrina, 50,000 years ago.  North and South America was covered in a rich and diverse civilization with cities, and trade, and civilization based on cohesion and harmony with nature.  Even more cultures and languages and lifestyles were explored, with often a circle of council employed to self govern, recognizing absolutely everyone and everything as equally important to the wheel of creation.  China had an intricate civilization exploring medicine, astronomy and time, on a whole other level to the Romans and Greeks, that is only just beginning to be fully understood, as did the Mayans.  All throughout the world are pockets of tribes, cultures, societies, and civilizations, based around different ideals and navigations than the Romancentric view that we’ve all been born into. 

But to fully explain the heinous crime that I believe the Roman Catholic Empire has imprinted on our collective soul, I really need to go back a bit, and relate to you a brief history of the world, from my perspective.  A lot of modern science has been so henpecked by a querulous and jealous religious aristocracy, that it hasn’t been able to fully discuss and explore the issues of….for instance….evolution.  In a heavily Romanicised and thereby Catholicised society, just to discover evolutionary patterns, can be considered heresy, and an aggressive stance against god. 

So lets just start with life.  In the beginning was the Big Bang, or thought, or god, or a schism in the singularity, or maybe even a black hole de-engulfing itself of all the life it swallowed.  Whatever it was, it sent life exploding from that singulariy into all directions.  It richocheted and bounced into itself and created suns and orbits.  And around our sun, all the bits bumped to the point that earth could exist, at just the perfect distance from the sun for life to begin.  Life emerged from the warm soup of our seas, and then found a whole heap of different ways of being out of water.  Most of which have been dinosaur like for the majority of earths lifespan so far.  Some creatures, like the dolphins and whales, had come out of the water and become pig like creatures that lived on the shores, and decided that back in the sea was actually where they wanted to be, and went back.  And still have the remnants of their skeletons and arms and legs and digits that they grew like us, before they returned.  Some of those pig like creatures became elephants and other mammals, and other little mousy creatures became our early ancestors.  Our little strain of humanity branched off from the chimpanzees, but most recently the Benobo monkeys, a matriarchal society that solves all their problems with sex.  Some time after the split from the Benobo’s, we decided to try and walk, and as we continued this trend, we also started thinking more, and increasing the sizes of our brains.  These two events combined to make our heads grow, while our pubic bones couldn’t get any bigger, or we’d fall over.  So we adapted and evolved by birthing our babies about 9 months before they would have been born before these changes.  And then we had to adapt to bond, and create rewards for bonding, so that we’d hold our babies close enough that they’d survive. 

Early in our collective infancy, we can trace our ancestry back to 7 women, to whom we’re all related.  Even though many cultures (like the Chinese) like to believe that they’re a separate arm of evolutionary progression, modern DNA lore has led us to the feet of these seven women, who were the mothers of the migration throughout our worlds continents, as Pan Gaia continued its split from it’s original unified land mass.  With an unsteady climate, and ice ages coming on in the seeming blink of an eye and eating land with ice, our early populations were all nomadic, travelling with migrations and the cycle of the seasons.  Oral traditions and hand held icons were all that could fit in the travelling kit of a nomad.  Flowing on a route through powerful ley lines and sacred stones set to tell the time and the seasons, as well as weather and food sources.  And then in the Middle East, a group of our ancestors discovered the early form of wheat, and how it could be used to eat, and from there, how it could be propogated.  And something that has puzzled me for a long time occurred.  They decided to settle.  To stay in one spot.  Despite the migratory paths of their fellow humans, and a rather extended period of hardship, starvation, and privation, some of them endured nonetheless, to claim the title of settler. 

And the trend took off.  And wheat became connected with agriculture and domestication, and took an equally migratory path around the planet. Just recently, a mad genius friend of mine, who’s given this issue similar deep thought, suggested that perhaps our ancestors settled, so that they could understand the stars.  When you think of our early mothers and fathers, spending their days employed in the human animal arts, and by nights sitting round fires…….the great and sparkling innumerable lights in the sky must have provided endless fascination, as they still do.  And how they moved, both during the night, and through the seasons.  Maybe the desire to understand the movements of the heavens was enough of a motivation for a mob of them to decide to stay put.  Maybe near the early form of wheat, was also an early form of a stone calendar or clock as well. 

But whatever the reason to settle, once that objective had been achieved, one of the first lessons learned, was how changing the soil and disrupting the layers of humus and bacteria, changed a fertile patch from lush to denuded and infertile, in a matter of years.  In Platos time, when there was still enough room for the settlers and the nomads to coexist, he mentioned the spread of erosion and infertility in the wake of the agriculturalists.  It’s no coincidence that all the early human settlements are now in the middle of deserts…..  After settling, the next problem to solve was how to keep acquiring land, in order to keep supplying the food for the people who decided to hang up their nomadic skins, and take to the agricultural life.  Often this land happened to be in the migratory transits of the still majority of nomadic cultures, and before they knew it, the early agriculturalists started to have to think about creating some kind of strong arm force, in order to keep growing their lands and ability to produce food in a settled way.  And yet another art of the settler started to become known.  That of keeping records.  When you lived in a town that grew to a city and had the room to store things, all sorts of things started being created, in order to keep our storage rooms full.  Like any good animals, when we had the space to collect for the winter, we found we were more industrious than expected.  And a lot of our early records were the story of this monumental time in our history, the transition from nomadic to settled. 

Early scrolls told of the change of culture from nomadic to settling dynasties.  Many of those scrolls made it to the Old Testament, talking of the black tents of the desert nomads, and I’ve heard it argued that the story of Cain and Abel was the tussle between the nomad and the settler.  Cain had the fruit of the nomad – a goat, whilst Abel had the fruit of the settler – fruit and vegetables, and the new agricultural god made short thrift of the nomad. 

Having the room to acquire meant that we could start collecting all sorts of things, one of which was the slaves that we took from the lands that we conquered, that helped to grease the wheels of the growth of civilization.  And ultimately has resulted in where we find ourselves today, as the western overlords of a sick and injured world, where all the things that we own that have ended up owning us……..would be totally obselete in a nomadic world.  And we’re all slaves, to the work and the dollar offered up as a reward to settling down.  Can you tell me how many shops and business would exist, if we could only own what we could carry in our nomadic kit?  No room for whitegoods on the back of a camel along with the yurt. 

Probably most of the conquered lands and peoples were bonded family groups and tribal nations, springing from a reflection of the nature they witnessed themselves as part of, and a semi nomadic lifestyle.  Around Europe, The Middle East, and North Africa, where the Romans spent their main efforts in land acquisition, they were encountering our white indigenous ancestors.  As strongly bonded and connected spiritual people, and a reflection of the chaotic harmony and consciousness present in the whole cosmos .  And on meeting the Roman Empire in the form of it’s deadly army, they were among the first to learn to respect the might of organized separation.  Its ordered genocide in the hands of mercenaries and slaves, held together by the power of the dollar.  All in the interest of growth at all costs.

When I first started piecing this alternative history together, I felt the rage of my ancestors singing deep in my blood, reminding me of all the different faces that the Romans wore in their dedicated attack on the nomad, and the conscious connection to land and family. Turning life blood and land into acquisitions and hollow wealth. Howling like a banshee for the blood of  millions of innocents to this day, spilled on a weeping world.  The cream and perfection, the full blooded and fertile mothers and fathers, and brave strong youth, would have been the ones that went into battle.  Leaving the very old and infirm and young behind them.  To mourn and grieve the promise of their future that was lost. 

And now I’m just angry.  I feel like we’ve all been ripped off.  In continued thought and conversation on this topic, it occurs to me that Australia, Canada and America were really the culmination and birth of the Western Roman Civilisation.  All these countries are constructs, that reflect our Roman calendar.  The Romans decided that the world started in 0 Before Christ, and our white colonies start on specific dates.  Colonies of Europeans that violently carved their nation on the backs of genocide, slavery, and prison states, we made the names up for them, as well as the identities of the people.  All the other civilizations have lands and histories of their own, yet the largest groups of westerners live in countries that are Christian constructs.  Australia isn’t named Australia by the people that lived here for  50,000 years or more……and I’m ashamed to say that I don’t even know if there is a name agreed on by the indigenous folk of this land I’m standing on.  But I do know that Captain Cook called it terra nullis – another latin term – for empty land.  Just like America wasn’t the name given by the folk of that land, or  Canada.   It’s almost like we’ve twice removed ourselves from our original cultures.  Firstly, by leaving our original homes and living in a Roman society, and not having them represented or speaking our languages, or knowing our ancestry or stories, but secondly by moving to a country whose name we’ve made up to reflect our modern stories. 

So now I’m a Friesian, living in Australia ( which is actually not it’s real name), and being educated, trained, and shaped by a Roman Catholic Western culture.  How can us white fellas in lands with made up names, that have been viciously wrestled from their original inhabitants, ever feel complete pride and love for our history?  Or connection to our land and culture?  Honour in our family history??

Now that we’ve let television into our lives again, on the promise that there’s about to be an explosion of more everyday and real people covering news, humanity, global culture, the environment, and green technology, I’ve discovered National Indigenous Television.  And I’ve been crying a lot.  So beautiful to see and hear and witness so many stories.  And I’ve been so inspired by seeing how the indigenous folk all over the world are coming together to help, inspire, network, support, educate, and love.   And late one night, when I’d fallen asleep putting the babies to bed, and then woke up to a sleeping house and couldn’t get back to sleep again, I sat up watching NIT.   And there was this beautiful documentary about Native Spirit ( I think) Productions, who specialize in creating movies and short films in language.  And they were all talking about how important it is for a sense of identity and belonging, to hear and speak your language, and see your culture represented. 

And I don’t know about you, but I’m off on a quest to discover my identity.  To learn my language.  And my cultural stories.  And De-Romanise my life in every way possible.  There was this thing I saw on facebook a while ago that really grabbed me.  And it was something about how the ancestors want us to remember them, and that we’re the result of a thousand generations of their love………..and I’m gonna find me some of that love. 

As for the Roman Catholic Western Civilisation……..I think some apologies are in order for a start.  And I think maybe opening up those catacombs under the Vatican, and returning all our treasures and secrets and lost scrolls, along with a humble apology, and giving up of all stolen treasures and gold as at least part reparation, would be a good start.   Maybe some confessions of their dastardly deeds in the past, and some recognition of the real origins of Christianity.  Maybe they could take a leaf out of that Indian Princes book, and create a space where all religions can come together and work out a wholistic way forward between them all.  And use that obvious great power and persuasion they have for GOOD in the world!  The confessions of an ex- conqueror.  Or something like that.  And maybe some of those stolen goods could be used to fund great cultural centres all round the world, especially in the places where they’ve done the most damage, to rekindle some of the love of those thousands of generations of ancestors with whom we’ve lost touch. 

And maybe we can all now get back to the business of finding where we belong on the planet, and finding our communities, and speaking our languages, and telling our stories, and exploring our pasts and the spectacular array of our possibilities for how to do it all…….better. 


  1. Have a look here...

    1. Oh wow Anonymous.....only read a little bit and I LIKE what I read so far. Love the point they make about how the greatest evil is conscious silence.....just like the point made in Gentlemans Agreement!! Thank you so much for putting me on to it....can see I've got some more reading to do :)

  2. islandhedhewitchApril 6, 2013 at 6:48 PM

    Love it!!!

  3. Im a new reader..led to your blig by what you would refer to as "frangers", I suppose.I don't find you to be odd, or over the top in your "alternate lifestyle"-everyone has opinions when it comes to child bearing and child rearing,especially those who have given birth or is/has reared a child, and those opinions are always going to be divisable by those that are supportive of Your choices, and those who are Not.(and unfortunately some who are Not will feel compelled to let you know that,along with their reasons why, and their judgement of your choices)I admire your honesty-That is what strikes me most about your blog.Im not left guessing who you really are.
    As this particular post speaks of your thoughts on certain religeous matters,or rather the impact of religeon on our "civilized" world,there is a question Id like to ask regarding the name of your newest addition,Zarrathustra.As a person drawn to the teachings of Zoroastrianism,I wonder how you and Currawong decided to name her.Was it a name he picked,you picked,or one you guys had talked about before.You've made reference to your Mates beliefs in cosmology....if I missed a post that tells the story of Zarrathustra's naming,I apologize.I love your birth stories.I'd love to hear more about their name-stories,as well.
    P.S."Women who Run with Wolves" was,indeed,a life-changing read:-)

  4. I think we need to get back to the business of BEING - whatever shape or form that may take.

  5. Hello annonymous new reader, and thank you for your thoughtful input! And I do truly thank my frangers, and all they brought into my life (not to mention all the free advertising :) And you seem very pragmatic and sane. There will always be people who dig stuff and people who don't, and people that respect stuff they don't dig and people that don't....and we'll all work out all sorts of things because all of it! I love that what strikes you most about my blog is that you're not left guessing who I really am!! Cause I guess that's one of the main points and beliefs behind this blog. That I've met enough, and had enough experiences with enough humans, to prove to myself and really see that we're all connected, and far more similar than we think, and often my most 'alone' thoughts, are those that I could share with the world, so they don't feel so alone either. I find commonalities with the most unexpected people, and when I speak my truth, without worrying what others will think, or censoring it to make me look better.........I've always had the most insane moments of connection with people, and when I've stuck my neck out to be who I really am, they'll sigh with relief and show all their vulnerable bits too.

    1. And I'm glad you asked a question too. Keep wondering whether I should put a 'Ask Hellena' page on this blog, so folk can ask me anything they like (respectfully of course :) And Mr Zarrathustra kinda came with his own name I guess. It's a bit of an ask to come up with another name, after the precedents in our family of Griffyn, and Balthazar, and Maxamillion, and Merlin to come after!! And the day after he was born, while Currawong was gathering supplies, my big daughter Jess and I were hanging out, and the name Zarrathustra kept coming to me. I told Jess, and her eyes went very wide, and she said it was huge and awesome, and then we had to research it. A Persian or Iranian philosopher/prophet who lived somewhere between 6 and 2,000 BC, it seemed he was the first person to note in a way that was remembered, that what you gave out was what came back. If you were kind you got kindness, and vice versa. He was also not into animal sacrifice, believed in equality between women and men, and the basics of his approach was 'good words, good thoughts and good deeds' He was also considered by some to be the first wizard. ( Please forgive me if some of my details are not quite right, I'm doing my best from memory). We thought that was all good, but Currawong thought it was a pretty huge name, so we kept looking around for others. ( I couldn't get Zarrathustra out of my head though) I have a very beautiful Zoroastrian friend back in SA who was blown away with our name choices, and suggested a few substitutes for Currawong, and one of them was Cyrus, a Zoroastrian King. And we were most impressed at stories of him too, one specifically being how he captured another city, and ordered his army to not harm a hair on anybodies heads, or to harass the people in any way, or their religion, and then Cyrus seemed to fit with his name too. And Wildcat was a name we've wanted to give a baby ever since before Balthazar, so that got tacked on too. So Zarrathustra Cyrus Wildcat has become our bonny baby boys name, and I'm very proud of the men he's named for, and just hope I haven't offended any Zoroastrians. Everything I've heard about Zoroastrianism has impressed me with fairness, respect, open mindedness, and a welcoming hug. And my mate back in SA reckons that her Zoroastrian family is tripped out that a bunch of us folk have taken the names to heart!

      And I will do a post someday about their names! Especially as there was another hate forum that was giving me curry for the names of my babies. I didn't want to give it any energy, but like I said to my facebook network,...." they think the names I've given my babies are extreme, but with a last name of Post, they don't know how KIND I've been!! I could have named them Deafasa, Australia, Rusty, Public Leaning, Angry, Blog, Undelivered, Hairy......ALL SORTS of horrendous possibilities. If only they knew how kind I've actually been :) ♥"

      And yes, 'Women who Run with the Wolves' woke me up. I still remember going into the little new age shop on Katoomba street, and getting a shiver and involuntarily picking it up before I knew what I was doing. Read it voraciously, and got really angry that I'd never heard about a Goddess before!!

      Oh my goodness. I have gone on. It seems I really like answering questions :) Or yours anyway.


    2. And look at that...had to publish the answer in three parts!!

  6. Thank you for so kindly, and thouroughly:-) ,answering my questions.I cant imagine any zoroastrian being offended by your little guys name.I love how it came to him, and he'll need a big name,being the youngest in a pack of very interesting names.It seems miss Spiral Moon was named in the way of the Native Americans.I,for one, would live to hear about all of their names.It doesnt suprise me that you've gotten flack for that,too.But seriously-look at the names that hollywood stars use for their babies.It seems like a trend right now to go as generic as possible.Like we need another generation of Jacks and Janes...but,as said,its all opinion.Im glad I heard about you-Im intrigued,so Ill keep reading:-)

    1. I'm glad that you heard about me too, and I like that you noticed that Spiral-Moon was named in a way similar to the Native Americans. I often think that her name is the most uniquely crafted to her that we've been part of. And thanks for taking the time out to communicate :)

  7. I absolutely love reading your posts. You are so insightful and my brain just about explodes thinking about all the new ideas raised for me every time I read one! Thank you once again for sharing your insight into these issues which seem to permeate every aspect of our being!(I'm also referring to the post 'Birth, Sex and Bonding')

    1. Oh Becky thank you so much for mentioning Birth, Sex and Bonding, and thank you so much for letting your brain be exploded :) I'm so glad you dig it :))

  8. the war never ended, the Nazis just moved to Washington. . .


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