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Monday, January 30, 2012

Do pictures really speak a thousand words??

So the photos.....
Here are the ones we took, of which there really weren't many at all.
I figure that after the photo bonanza of the twins birth, you can just imagine
that it was all very similar...
minus the water of course

This is later on the morning he was born, trying to make sure to keep spending time with the other babies so  they don't feel too left out.....and the others are getting eyefulls of their new brother

A very brand new Zarrathustra Cyrus Wildcat

And one of the only photos we've got of the beautiful Annetta.....love Currawong in the mirror :)

Most of us sitting round adoring him...

Can you spot the baby??

A happy Currawong and Max with a stethoscope

Beautiful little Zarra with the vest I crocheted just for him. 
The white spiral is handspun bunny fluff.....the softest thing in the universe!!

Looking very regal

Beautiful boy

I know it's probably overkill, but what the hey :)

Three little angels....especially when they're asleep!!

The thinker.....I think his name is apt!

Beautiful big sister Tiger Lilly

Meanwhile, out on the verandah.....

Looking a bit serious....

Ah no!!!!  Call off the hounds!!!

The magical Currawong multi-tasking....reading the big kids Harry Potter,
whilst also being a bed for the two babies that he got to sleep at the same time.....
What a man! :)

Hope you enjoyed!


  1. Awesome! Love the pic with Currawong in the mirror :) And the crocheted bunny fluff vest is totally gorgeous.
    We've been reading Harry Potter too, Tama dreams Harry Potter at the moment.

  2. One of these days we'll end up on land, and I'll finally have my luxury fibre animals, and bunnies will be bouncing everywhere!! Just the most awesome fibre...

    1. OMG That would feel AWESUM!! i want a bunny sumthin..lol ♥

  3. Congratulations and blessings for your beautiful new addition. The universe is indeed great :) Thanks for the wonderfully written stories and updates, I so enjoy them, and was hanging on for part two of this birth. So glad all went so amazingly well.

    1. Thank you Nat Jungle Girl....that really is the best name:) And I'm real glad you like my offerings....thanks for the feedback!

  4. Ohhhhhhh!!
    So thankful for the photos of all you beauties.

  5. Congratulations!! hehee So happy for you Hellena, another wonderful birth journey..

    I have been checking in often to read about the arrival of your newest little one.. a little bird had told me a few weeks ago that all went well but I have been so curious of all the juicy details!!
    I had my little girl a couple of weeks ago, an amazing freebirth: ) and your description of transition was exactly how I felt, I have searched for the right words and you nailed it perfectly!!

    Much love to you and your precious ones, Skye x

    1. That's amazing!! Congratulations :) And well done for being brave enough to freebirth....must have been beautiful. Do you have photos online anywhere?? Great feedback on the transition part...I liked how I described that bit too! Love straight back at you :)

  6. Oh he is so beautiful. I love his vest <3

    1. I reckon he's pretty cute too, and I really love how the vest turned out.....should make up a pattern for it!

  7. You Lot r jus AWESUM!! what beautiful piks.. and an awesum one of my lay byed hunny lol.. The happiness i see in these piks i see every time we catch up here in town... i feel so blessed and so honored to know you all ~~~ ♥♥♥

    1. Aw shucks....you say the nicest things :) We all feel totally blessed and honoured to know you too!!

  8. What a beautiful blog and wonderful family you have! Congratulations on your very stunning baby. I actually found your blog through readin Majik Faerie - to show the six degrees of seperation - I currently live in Meadows (used to live in WIllunga) and I think I recognise you from these areas? I think I bought some of your creations from you at Maccelsfield market years ago?

  9. How many degrees of seperation?? About one here I reckon :) You do know me from those areas, and yeah, I started up the Macclesfield market. How trippy is that!? And if you bought some creations from me......you should tell me what they are! I bet I remember them... Thanks for taking the time to comment, and for digging my blog :)


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