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Friday, May 17, 2013

Currawong Love Song

On cool misty mornings
when we cuddle up deep in bed together
first thing in the morning
after the babies have said
good morning and
mummy mummy mummy and
squeebed over daddy and
rolled into the middle and
prised us apart and
sat on our heads and
layed with their heads on me while
pushing you away with their legs and
looked at the bush turkeys outside and
taken off their nappies and then
gone into the adventure of the rest of the house and
maybe one or two has gone away and come back and
cuddled in at the side and
I’ve probably already got up to do
various other
very very early morning things


I get to snuggle back into
the warm nest of our bed
next to you
the hard soles
of your feet rest
on the tops of mine and
my toes and
my knees are pressed into the back of yours and
your beautiful curved bum
gently pushed into my lap and
my breasts nestled into
your smooth skinned
brownly muscled back
with that huge red mole
right over the back of your heart and
my arm drapes around
your soft hard hairy chest and
my hand curls
around your shoulder

It feels so completely full

And perfect.

And like I’d never want to move again
if I didn’t have to

 Curled so beautifully
warming each other with our skin
your velvet skin
singeing a band of heat across my flesh
your smell that fills me
with all sorts of archetypal yearnings and wantings
your hair tickling my nose
wrapped in each other and our bednest
with our tangled limbs holding hard

My mind wanders as it usually does
and because I’m so full of love for you
it wanders all around you
how I love all of you
every bit of you

The grumpy stroppy acidic snark and
the fights we have and
the gentle days and
your spontaneous joker and
irrepressible romantic and
the times when you feel like my ancient teacher and
those when you feel like my biggest child

The adventures we’ve been on
the sights we’ve seen and
the depths that we’ve delved in each other

The babies we’ve made and
the births that they’ve had and
I love the reality of you and
the hard muscle of you and
the sun warmed skin of you and
every single thing of you

I love my loyalty and jealousy
how much I feel like I want to
hide you away
in a treasure box
with all your love just for me

 I love the profound moments
that we both have etched
on our souls in shared memories
I love the perfection of all our imperfections
I love your carnal lust and its echo in me and
I love how our search into that lust
no matter how many dark roads it may have taken us
always leads us to each other

Our search into sex
and desire and carnality
has taken us to that place
that many seekers search for……..

The world where you can let go
of your earthly thoughts and
worries and
ego and

Exist only in the moment
forget how we look
love and
lost in the eternal now.

In fact

I love every detail so much
that I try to find us an eternity
cause it’s hard to feel so much love
without the knowing that one day it will end
one of us will die
and then the other
surely with this much love
wrapped up in our souls
it cannot die?
surely even after all the
universes and
suns and solar systems
have fit into our consciousnesses
we will still see each other and melt?

I go through all the things
I know about the world and
myself and
each other and
all the places I believe
we’ll all go when we die………

And I know that we’ll still love each other

Everytime I start to feel afraid
of death
or of loss
or of an unexpected and horrible thing happening
or of the future
I try to quick remember
that it’s all me

Everything is me

It always has been

Would I ever be really cruel to myself?
would I ever really hurt me?
without giving the balm with the pain?
and a reason for the cure?

And then I always relax
cause I know me and
 I’m pretty groovy

 I know
that wherever we may end up and
however we run into our next journey
beyond this one and
no matter in what form and
no matter what universes we have sitting within……..

That there will always be you and me and
this epic love between us and
that is all
there really is




  1. Beautiful Hellena<3Every word sings to my soul, playing and replaying memories of my own true love, and the wonder I feel when I realize, maybe for the thousanth time, how perfectly we fit together, in every position.The wonder of two becoming one, in our early morning dance under the covers, seeking those warm spaces where we just...fit.

  2. What a beautiful response! So glad that you know that feeling too :) And thanks for sharing the love with me!


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